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The Seraglio

This was a lovely piecework project completed in Autumn 2019 where I put together a run of silk wrap dresses, a gold brocade puff sleeved undershirt and a drawstring pleated dress for ETO’s production of The Seraglio. My main role for this project was as a stitcher, working with expertly cut patterns drafted by Mattheu Nunes. I adored working with the fabrics for this work despite needing to ensure my hands were washed and squeaky clean every single time I touched the material! With the wrap dresses in particular, it was a joy to work with something that could be pressed so beautifully.

The Seraglio ran alongside ETO’s production of The Silver Lake. Both productions were supervised by Cristiano Casimiro who invited me to lend a hand with the tech week of The Silver Lake at Hackney Empire upon completion of these pieces.