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Rise Up Ravagers!

secret cinema costumes rise up ravagers

Secret Cinema costumes created for Guardians of the Galaxy: Rise Up Ravagers! immersive theatre show. Delighted to be a part of Secret Cinema’s wonderfully talented in-house costume team, working on a range of fantastical outfits throughout the summer of 2022.

This four month long project involved delving into the world of futuristic sci-fi, creating a range of Secret Cinema costumes including capes, jumpsuits, guard uniforms and robots! All outfits were created especially for the high intensity, physical performance that this show entailed.

This particular role put me in the position of Senior Maker where I was responsible for pattern cutting, stitching and full realisation of costumes from concept to finished outfit. It was a great test of my skillset, all the more enahnced by working with such a wonderful team.

Designed by Martina Trottman and Susan Kulkarni, supervised by Rosie Elliot-Danc. Production photos by Luke Dyson

More examples of my costume making work can be found on the costume portfolio page.

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