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RNLI Float to Live

Not every job is pretty skirts and dresses – some enquiries feel so bizarre I have to read the e-mail twice before thinking about it! When I recieved a request for an ‘adult starfish costume to fit a 6ft male’ without any additional context, you can probably wonder what may have been going through my head at the time. That said, I really enjoyed being able to utilize my background in prop costume making to develop this rather fetching attire commissioned by Kode Media. The starfish itself was made of polar fleece fabric, padded out with wadding and lined with polycotton.

While I was never specifically told where this costume would end up, I was delighted to find out a few years later that it had been used for the RLNI’s Float To Live Campaign. I think it’s fantastic that such a funny, mammoth-sized outfit was commisioned for a really helpful life-saving purpose.