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Grimm’s Fairytales

This was a great project that I had the opportunity to work on at The Unicorn Theatre London, with supervisor Cristiano Casimiro and designer Ellan Parry. I came on board as a workroom assistant and had a hand in creating three dazzling sequin dresses and one rather large fur cloak! The dresses (Sun, Moon and Night) were originally designed in a 1920s style, drafted and constructed by an additonal expert maker on our team – Mattheu Nunes.

At the last minute it was decided that they needed to to have an 18th century style flare, which meant I got involved with slashing into the skirts (yikes!) and securing bunches of torn ribbon and organza at the hips to create a taste of the classic sillhouette. It was a bit of a whirlwind operation to do in the space of a few days, however I really enjoyed the stylistic finish of the pieces. Each dress needed to be quick-change compatible, so I also added in magnet closures to the front of the bodices.

The Big Bad Wolf was created using a large cloak from the theatre costume store as a base before adding countless strips of additional faux fur pieces to the hood and the cape. This was one of those operatons that was really tricky to do as fast as possible, but the final look of the finished piece made it all worth it.