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On The High Road

Dancewear made for contemporary dance group Clod Ensemble, worn for their performance of On The High Road at the Southbank Centre London. Designed by Sarah Blenkinsop in April 2019. I created three identical black wrap-around dresses comprising a jersey circle skirt with box pleats at the back, stitched to a heavy cotton bodice and finished with a linen collar and cotton tape ties.

While identical in appearance, each piece had to be made to a different size to fit the performers – one of whom was pregnant at the time! As my first comission requiring pattern grading, this was a great experience for me to utilize the cut-and-spread method from a drafted master pattern. As with most of my work, this was completed over the course of a week from draft to finish and I was really happy with the classy contemporary finish. Production photo by Hugo Glendinning.