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Clash De Cartier

This project was a super fun last minute call-to-action to create a set of three bustle skirts for Immersive Cult’s Clash de Cartier production in April 2019. I created these skirts over the course of five days working with CosProp maker Lottie Brazier, based in her studio in Canary Warf London. The challenge was to create multiple skirts with a full layered effect that could be easily tied at the front with wide satin ribbon to fit a range of different sizes.

It was a great chance for me to practise my gathering technique while working at pace! I was really glad to be able to work in-house for this project as laying out so many metres of tulle required quite a bit of floor space to be sure all of the layers were sitting correctly. I was really pleased with the final outcome and have been quite tempted to make myself something similar ever since.