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Bat Out Of Hell UK, USA & Germany

The moment I realised I was really doing it – my dream job! – had to be when I was brought on board to work on the Bat Out Of Hell USA and Germany production costumes. For three months of summer 2018 I joined a brilliant team of makers at The Dominion Theatre in London. Working at the original home of Bat Out Of Hell UK, this project was headed up by supervisor Lydia Hardiman and assistant supervisor Becky Gunstone. I really enjoyed the outside-the-box style of costume making required for these productions. With a biker-grunge aesthetic provided by designer Jon Bauser, the main objective of our efforts were to make bold and striking alterations to a range of leather, vintage and shop-bought garments. There were a few bespoke makes for principle characters, but the vast majority of the work involved a great deal of blinging, studding, painting, stencilling and dramatically altering two full sets of cast costumes in time for them to be shipped to international theatres. I had an enormous amount of fun working on this project and expanding my skillset – this was a far cry from my historical period costume university education! I even had the delight of being called upon a year or so later to perform alterations for the USA and Australia Tours which were due to take place in 2020 but have since been rescheduled for 2021/22. I can only hope the show continues to be a roaring success around the world and I have the opportunity to lend my skills once again. Production photos: USA Tour, Photos by Specular.