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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

One of my favourite projects to be involved in during the spring of 2019, Midsummer Night’s dream was an absolute riot of colour and festival-style aesthetic brought to life by designer Jean Chan and supervised by Lydia Hardiman. Nothing can be much more fun than a brief that states “More is more!”
The majority of this work was created with Sarah Juliet Costumes at her Brixton based studio. Our focus was on two principle costumes – Oberon and Titania – that reflected a bright carnival style involving huge structured back-pieces and an enormous semi-circle hoop skirt. This was a wonderful step away from traditional costume making, solving the problem of creating lightweight structures that were robust and striking but also quick-change compatible. Much of the credit for these pieces goes to Sarah and her previous experience in creating fantastical carnival costumes, but I was super stoked to have a hand in putting this work together.
Further down the line, I was invited to lend a hand to the wardrobe team in-house at Shakespeare’s Globe during the Midsummer tech week. This meant I got to be up-close and personal with the rest of the production costumes – they were all amazing! My responsibilities included alterations, repairs, ensuring quick change compatibility and adding as much neon coloured decorations as could reasonably fit on to each piece.  
I was so pleased to be invited to watch the dress rehearsal at the Globe and see all of our collective effort in action. If I could pick a project to do all over again, this would be it. Production photos by Tristram Kenton.